Estate at Concannon Vineyard

When my great-grandparents, James and Ellen Concannon, migrated from Ireland in the late 1800s, they brought with them the dream of creating a legacy from the rocky soil of California’s idyllic Livermore Valley. With the first planting in 1883, they transformed our humble family vineyard into a pioneering winery that would continue to flourish under the leadership of future generations and become a renowned destination along the California wine trail.

My great-grandmother, Ellen Rowe Concannon, was known throughout the small town of Livermore as the “entertainer of the valley”, always gathering friends and neighbors to her hearth and table to eat, laugh, and enjoy family made wines. The historic “Glen Ellen” Victorian house, pictured on our label, sits on the original Concannon family estate and honors Grandma Ellen’s tradition of welcome- a tradition that has been treasured and continued by five generations of Concannons and over 125 years of family tables.

Just as my great-grandmother would have, I invite you to visit the Concannon family estate. Gather your family and friends for a picnic on the lawn with a bottle of Glen Ellen wine, enjoy the sunshine and see what Ellen and James saw when they arrived over a century ago- a place to start a family, a place to celebrate, a place to call home. We are proud that the house and vineyards have stood the test of time, like the wines of Glen Ellen.

Slainte! (Irish for cheers)

John Concannon

John Concannon
4th Generation Vintner

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