Celebrate National Cab Day with Concannon on August 29th

It’s time to celebrate big wine, big food, and big living! As National Cabernet Sauvignon Day (August 29th, 2013) draws near, Concannon Vineyard commemorates the 130th Anniversary of Concannon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab has been a key part of our family heritage ever since our founder, James Concannon, imported cuttings from Bordeaux in 1883, starting a tradition of leadership and innovation in the expansion of Cabernet Sauvignon throughout the California wine industry.

In 1965, Concannon Vineyard collaborated with UC Davis to introduce Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon clones 7, 8 and 11. Taken from a single, disease-resistant Concannon Cab vine (nicknamed the “Mother Vine”), these clones provided the backbone of Napa Valley’s Cabernet Sauvignon resurgence in the 1970’s and 1980’s after the vine-killing root louse Phylloxera threatened to demolish the grape. Since Concannon Vineyard’s contribution, Cabernet Sauvignon has thrived, becoming the #1 planted red wine varietal in California and earning the title “King of Reds.”

Concannon Cab Clone milestones:
Concannon Cab Clone milestones

As Concannon Vineyard dedicates our 130th Anniversary of Cabernet Sauvignon on National Cabernet Sauvignon Day (August 29th, 2013), you are invited to join us in a celebration fit for a king! To read more about the day’s festivities and RSVP, visit ConcannonVineyard.com/cabernet.

To RSVP for the Special Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical Flight with Cheese Pairing, CLICK HERE.

To RSVP for the Cab is King Dinner Party, CLICK HERE. (View menu below)

Menu and Vertical Pairing
Pre-dinner barrel sample of
2012 Mother Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

– First Course –

A Big Iceberg Wedge Salad
with Blue Cheese, Tomato and Bacon
drizzled with a Creamy Garlic Dressing
with 2011 Reserve Chardonnay

– Second Course –

A Hearty Smoked Tomato Bisque
with 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

– Third Course –

A Juicy Rib eye Steak
with Roasted Shallot Cabernet Gastrique
accompanied by Roasted Garlic Mashed Red Skinned Potatoes
and Ratatouille
with 2007 Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon
2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

– Fourth Course –

Salted Caramel Torte
with 2010 Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon

Coffee will be available.

National Cabernet Sauvignon Day Specials!*

Ends: 11/22/13

$1.30 Shipping on 3 bottles**

2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
In the Tasting Room
One day only: 8/29/2013

25% off
retail price

2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2010 Conservancy Cabernet Sauvignon
2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is an opulent, fruit driven wine. This bold, full-bodied wine boasts gobs of cherry, raspberry and red currant flavors. There are an abundance of layers including, bright fruit, chocolate and mocha as well as some roasted coffee and spice. Enjoy with beef wellington or a New York steaks with a peppercorn sauce.
2010 Conservancy Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Conservancy is a full-bodied wine, rich with black cherry and vanilla oak flavors. The enticing palate reveals soft round tannins with subtle spice and just a hint of chocolate that mingle into a smooth finish. Enjoy with roasted lamb chops crusted with pine nuts and thyme or a selection of aged cheeses.

*Offers are separate and cannot be combined with any other discounts.
Promotions are valid only during the indicated time periods. Wines are limited in supply.
**Must order a minimum of 3 bottles for shipping discount to apply.

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