“Celebrate Your Roots” and Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

The Concannon Family then and now

As a founding family of the California wine industry for 130 years, reunions are a tradition to the Concannons.  Once a year, about 50 of John Concannon’s relatives get together to enjoy quality time and celebrate good food, good wine, and great company.  Whether your family is made up of biological relatives, close friends, or a combination of the two, here are 4 tips from the Concannon Family will help you plan the perfect reunion for your loved ones.

1.       Save the Date and Pick the Right Location.

The best way to please your relatives and ensure their participation is to choose a mutually agreeable date and a place that is accessible and affordable to all.  Locations with outdoor areas are usually the best at accommodating the large attendance of family reunions.  Pick a place that interests the family—parks, wineries or areas with particular historical value to help your family reunion be more memorable.

TIP: If your family is traveling to/within California, gather your family at Concannon Vineyard, book a luncheon and schedule a Private Tour & Tasting.  Your family will be treated to a 45 minute tour of the estate, a private room to enjoy a flight of Concannon wine and a history of the vineyard.  Learn more and make a reservation!

 2.       Invent Collaborative Traditions that are Creative, Silly or Unique.

Games, crafts, or other activities that involve mutual participation create cherished memories and give your family members something to look forward to at every gathering.  These traditions do not need to be expensive—for example, at each Concannon family holiday reunion, the grandchildren are sent out into the vineyard to collect pruned vine cuttings and give them to Grandmother Helen Concannon, who shows them how to turn these canes into a wreath.

TIP: Establish traditions that have the potential to bond generations and be passed down the line.  Activities that give the older relatives a chance to interact with and teach the younger relatives are invaluable and allow the young ones to look forward to teaching their future children.

3.       Thank Relatives with Photo Party Favors.

It is important to express gratitude to your loved ones for the time and travel it took for them to be here. At the most recent Concannon gathering, John Concannon’s mother and sisters expressed their appreciation by surprising each family member with keepsake photo prints.  Pictures celebrate your cherished memories, and renting a professional photo booth is a perfect way to preserve the moment and say thanks.

TIP: Professional photo booths capture the joy of the occasion—therefore, encourage your family to really exaggerate and be silly. Roll-play, hit an action pose or just make faces.  You may discover a fun side of your relatives that you have never seen!

 4.       Invite Concannon to the Table! 

Meals are the most important part of any gathering, as they not only satisfy a need for nourishment but also provide an occasion for sharing, joint effort in preparation, and expressing affection through generosity.  Pleasing your family’s taste buds will increase their enjoyment of the event—and good food and Concannon go hand-in-hand.  Refer to our collection of Concannon Family recipes for delicious ideas to serve your loved ones—and don’t forget to pair them with a bottle of Concannon wine!

TIP: To divide up the labor and organize your menu, invite your relatives to join you on a sharing site like DropBox, Google Drive, Evite, or Pinterest, where you can post a potluck list.  This way, everyone gets a chance to share their favorite!


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