Customs and Courtesies

Dear Valued Concannon Vineyard Estate Guest,

To ensure the best experience for every guest, we ask that you observe the following customs and courtesies:

  • Wine may be purchased in our tasting rooms and wine bars.  No outside wines or alcohol are permitted on the property.
  • Please enjoy picnic food on the lawn area only. Camping and cooking equipment is not permitted.
  • Please keep a close watch on your children. Tree climbing and picking grapes and leaves off the vines is not allowed.
  • Always be courteous to other guests.
  • All lawn activities should be kept 20 feet or more away from the patio and arbor areas.
  • Please do not engage in any airborne sporting activities, lawn games are allowed.
  • No amplified music is allowed.
  • Dogs must be on leash and kept to the outdoor areas. Please remain with your pet at all times and pick up after your pet to keep the property clean.
  • Please enjoy and respect the property by disposing of all trash in the provided trash bins.
  • Please dress comfortably and appropriately. Shoes and shirts are required; swimwear is not allowed.
  • Concannon Vineyard is a smoke-free site. Smoking and use of tobacco products is prohibited.
  • The lawn and picnic areas close at sundown.

Thank you for your continued support,
John Concannon – Director of Hospitality                 06/2013

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