Fresh is best

At this time of year, we’re all feasting on lots of freshly picked produce. It’s even better when you can select your produce from a local farmers’ market. There’s nothing like purchasing food directly from the person who grows it! Local farm stands are another great option to look for, especially when you’re traveling. Do you have a favorite farmers’ market or produce stand that you’d like to tell the rest of the world about?

Berries galore!

Every farmers’ market is bursting at the seams with fresh berries this month. From strawberries to blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, there’s something for every berry lover. It should come as no surprise that June 14 is National Strawberry Shortcake Day, the perfect time to whip up this classic American dessert. Here’s a traditional recipe from Epicurious for strawberry shortcakes made with fluffy buttermilk biscuits: When we’re in a hurry, we’ll slice fresh strawberries, sprinkle them with a few tablespoons of sugar (to draw out the juices) and let them sit for 20 minutes before spooning over store-bought sponge cake and topping with whipped cream. Perfect with a glass of Selected Vineyards Pinot Grigio or Conservancy Petite Sirah!

Tasty tomatoes and cucumbers

Vine-ripened tomatoes and cukes are among the most popular crops at farmers’ markets, which is convenient because they taste so great together! We like to combine chopped tomatoes and cucumbers with cubed feta cheese, pitted kalamata olives and a bit of oil and vinegar to make a quick Greek salad. Another easy way to enjoy fresh cucumbers is peeled, sliced and drizzled with lightly sweetened rice vinegar seasoned with red pepper flakes or use sliced cucumbers in sandwiches instead of lettuce!


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