Giving Wine as Gifts

Few sights are more welcome during the holiday season than a visitor at the door bearing a bottle of the host’s favorite wine. As we all begin sharing wines this season, it’s important to make your gift stand out. Here are some fun ways to share wines with your friends and family.

Pair the wine with food: Instead of just giving a bottle of wine, pair it with a food that tastes great alongside it. Maybe a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with some artisan steak sauce, Petite Sirah with a wedge of aged cheese or Merlot with a fruity barbecue sauce.

Dress it up: Yes, every wine shop in the world has a selection of paper gift bags, but you can do better! Visit your local import shop and stock up on festive fabric bags well in advance of the holiday season. Or, butter yet, buy some holiday fabric and whip up your own wine bags that can be tied with a festive bow!

Include a recipe: Wine is meant to be enjoyed with food, so why not include a favorite recipe along with the bottle of wine? This could be something as simple as a marinade recipe calling for a bit of the wine in the bottle, or as elaborate as a savory seafood chowder or other entrée suitable for a festive holiday dinner. Punch a hole in the recipe card and hang it around the next of the bottle with a pretty ribbon.

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