Great barbecue wines

Throwing a barbecue soon? Don’t forget the wine! But what to serve? Here are several suggestions for great barbecue wines from Concannon Vineyard:

Petite Sirah: Our flagship varietal celebrates its 50th year as America’s First Petite Syrah this year! Rich and full-bodied, Petite Sirah is a great choice to pair with your most flavorful barbecue fare – from grilled baby back ribs to spicy pulled-pork sandwiches. This is one wine that can really stand up to smoked meats and well-seasoned sausages. Here’s a great recipe for grilled sausages, peppers and onions on rolls that would be dynamite with a glass of Petite Sirah:

Merlot: Lush and smooth, Merlot is a food friendly red that’s especially nice with grilled pork and lamb but can also be paired with burgers or kebabs. The round fruit flavors in Merlot really complement sauces with similar fruit flavors, so try serving this wine with pork glazed with cherry sauce or ribs with a berry glaze. You get the idea! This grilled pork tenderloin with fresh cherry chutney is perfect with a glass of Merlot:

Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir may not be the first wine that comes to wine when hosting a barbecue, but it’s actually an excellent choice to pair with the lighter grilled fare that many of us prefer: chicken , salmon and the like. With tempting flavors of strawberry and raspberry, Concannon Pinot Noir is a natural wine to serve with chicken with a fruity glaze or salmon topped with mango salsa. Try a glass of Pinot Noir with this grilled salmon with chili-mango salsa:

Have fun!

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