Happy Hallo-Wine!

Who says kids get to have all the fun on Halloween? Grown-ups love the holiday too, so invite your friends and neighbors over to enjoy some red, white and boo!

Set the theme: It’s fun if everyone shows up in costume, but if guests are reluctant to go all out, encourage them to dress in orange, black or a combination. Fill your house with candlelight and spooky music. Instead of a tablecloth, dress your dining or serving table with a white sheet splattered with “blood” (red paint). Invest in lots of pumpkins to scatter about your home for seasonal color. Hand out plastic vampire teeth and other inexpensive trinkets to guests as they arrive.

Serve Halloween-themed foods and wines: Finger foods are best at a Halloween party. Offer tasty items in shades of orange and black – blocks of cheddar cheese and deviled eggs seasoned with minced pimentos and paprika for instance or chocolate brownies and pumpkin bread. Pour a selection of wines but change the names for the night – Merlot can become Murder-lot and so forth.

Don’t forget the candy: Even grown-ups love Halloween candy. Place your favorites in large bowls set throughout your entertaining area and encourage your guests to pair different Halloween candies with their favorite wines to find winning combinations. Candy corn and Chardonnay? Chocolate bars and Cabernet?

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