Host a Super Super Bowl Party!

If you’re inviting friends over to watch the Super Bowl, you know that your entertaining style will have to be casual – no last minute fussing or split second timing. The best Super Bowl party fare can be enjoyed warm, at room temperature or even cold. Finger foods are a great choice and so are dishes that can be kept warm in a slow-cooker. Here are some ideas for Super Bowl success – all accompanied by your favorite wines, of course!

Three cheers for chili: A big pot of chili is a time-honored tradition on Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re fans too. After all, it can be made ahead of time, kept hot in a slow-cooker and jazzed up to taste with a variety of condiments. To make your chili stand out from the crowd, consider offering fun toppings such diced pepperoncini, sliced black olives, corn chips or guacamole. Ole!

Set up a sandwich bar: Sandwiches are ideal for parties where everyone’s grazing over the course of several hours. You can order a custom-made sandwich by the foot at your favorite deli and slice it into individual servings. Or, better yet, arrange a selection of fresh breads and rolls along with sliced meats and cheeses, lettuces and other vegetables, pickles and condiments, so that each guest – even the vegetarians – can create his or her own perfect sandwich. If you have a panini-maker, by all means set it out and offer guests a chance to “grill” their creations.

Pizzas galore: Everybody loves pizza – and just about everybody also loves it cold. That’s why pizzas are perfect to serve during the Super Bowl! Order several pizzas from your favorite pizzeria and have them delivered just after guests arrive. Better yet, make your own pizzas or purchase ready-to-bake versions so that you can bake different pizzas throughout the day. When slicing the pizza, don’t cut it into traditional wedges but instead cut it into bite-sized squares so that everyone can sample multiple pizzas over the course of the party. Don’t forget a sprinkle of red pepper flakes to keep things zesty!

What’s your favorite Super Bowl entertaining tip?

(photo courtesy Washington Post)

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