Hosting Your Own Wine Tasting

King Edward VII of England once said, “One not only drinks the wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and—one talks about it.” It’s quite possible the king has perfectly described the art of holding a wine tasting, giving company the opportunity to come together and enjoy an agreeable pastime. However, while wine was once reserved for kings and nobles, it is now more accessible than ever.

In order to understand the joys of the vine, consider hosting a wine tasting of your own. While tastings can be haughty affairs, they can also be a good excuse to gather around the table to experience what each unique wine has to offer.

To ensure a great tasting experience, you only need a few things. First and foremost, you need a good selection of wines. Ask friends to bring over a bottle or two of their favorites, or pick up a mixed case and have everyone chip in. In a traditional tasting, the ideal number of wine varieties is six; three each of red and three white. When going this route, begin with the whites, lightest first, and move onto the reds. Pour one to two ounces per guest and have them rinse their glasses between tastings. Offer snacks like bread, cheese, or olives to give guests the full experience.

Next, you’ll need appropriate wine glasses. It’s best to choose stemware that can be used to bring out the best in both reds and whites. Wine glasses do not need to be expensive; get suggestions from a local wine expert (like those at Concannon Vineyard) to find something that fits your needs and budget.

The final ingredient to holding a great wine tasting is the most important: company! Let everyone know your plans, including the date and time, location, and necessary requirements such as a monetary donation or bottle donation. Determine how you will conduct your tasting. Will it be formal with notes, scores, and blind tasting? Or, will you simply discuss your experiences over each sample?

For an outstanding variety of wines for your next home tasting, come and visit us at Concannon Vineyard, or check us out online at We’ll help set you up with everything you need to make your wine tasting event go just right.

However you decide to conduct your tasting, take the time to have a little fun. What’s the point of drinking good wines with good friends if you aren’t enjoying the experience yourself? Eat, drink, and be merry!

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  1. Iris Wise says:

    This is indeed cool. Wine tasting is absolutely great. This ancient act with regards to winery is pretty much interesting. These days, this is made recreational and a fabulous event for many. I’d love to host or experience wine tasting myself. Thanks for posting these very interesting ideas. Two thumbs up for this.