Video – Concannon Vineyard Visual History

A visual history of the Concannon family that began with James Concannon’s immigration from Ireland to Livermore Valley in 1883. Over the next four generations the Concannon family made groundbreaking contributions to the California winemaking industry, including planting some of the first Bordeaux varieties, producing America’s First Petite Sirah, and helping introduce the Concannon Cabernet clones 7, 8, and 11 to the Napa Valley viticultural community. Includes interview with third generation vintner Jim Concannon.

One Response to Video – Concannon Vineyard Visual History

  1. Ken Shriver says:

    My former wife, Mitzi, and I knew Jim and Helen through St. Michaels when we lived in Livermore. My second wife,Penny, and I had a great visit with Jim in1993. My children, Kirk and Lisa went to the catholic school. Here, in Nebraska, I still enjoy your wine. I drove by your gate(on label) often when working at Sandia. It pleases me greatly to see your wonderful videos. I’m sure John will carry on Joe and Jim’s great legacy. Ken