Inspired By the Future, Rooted In Tradition

By John Concannon

Here at Concannon Vineyard, we’re always looking to the future by blending innovation with our rich family tradition. Our family legacy began in 1865 when my great-grandfather, James Concannon, sailed to America from the rocky coast of Ireland, becoming the first Irish immigrant to establish a successful winery in America.

Being an ambitious, visionary young man, James settled in California’s Livermore Valley where he purchased his first 47 acres in 1883. Knowing that the land’s rocky soil and climate were similar to the Bordeaux wine region, James traveled to France to acquire premium vine cuttings to ensure the best possible start for his new venture. The vines rooted well, and with great care and ongoing technological innovation, the vineyard has flourished and progressed for over 128 years under the same family label.

As a Founding Family of the California wine industry, all four generations of Concannons have made distinct contributions to create outstanding, award-winning wines, as documented by our archival history found on the Memorabilia Wall in the winery tasting room. I am very proud of this extensive documentation that authenticates our inspiring Concannon Vineyard history.

Having just completed our 128th consecutive grape harvest, I invite you to enjoy a glass of your favorite Concannon wine while watching the following documentary which tells the story of my great-grandfather’s pioneering journey in establishing Concannon Vineyard. It’s an inspirational tale perfect for the start of another new year. Sláinte!

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