Introducing: The Latest Members of Concannon!

The staff at Concannon Vineyard has been happy to welcome 13 new members to its team recently, providing much-needed assistance with weed control during the important spring season. These Olde English BabyDoll Southdown sheep are known as “nature’s mowers” for their ability to clear ground and underbrush. Each year, they are released into the vineyards prior to bud break to help minimize the use of tractors and tilling.

The sheep, which allow for a more environmentally friendly winemaking process, are herded and guarded from predators by two Livestock Guardian Dogs, who have lived with the sheep since the day they were born. The dogs are extremely protective of the livestock, and they take their jobs as seriously as anyone at Concannon!


Keeping with our commitment to sustainable practices in all that we do, Concannon Vineyard is also happy to share that we are offering the following activities for Earth Hour and Earth Day, coming up in April:

Specialized Winery Tours: Take a free tour of the beautiful Concannon grounds and learn about sustainable wine-growing and the earth-friendly practices we use, as well as our innovative energy saving technology.

Special Conservancy Flight: Join us in the historic Concannon Tasting Room and toast to Mother Earth with a special flight of conservancy wines. These wines are sourced 100 percent from vineyards that have been placed in a conservation trust, forever protecting them from urban development.

The Concannon conservancy wines include our Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, and Petite Sirah, on sale for $120/case.

To learn more about the sustainable practices implemented by Concannon Vineyard, stop by our winery today. We hope to see you soon!

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