It’s time to tailgate

Whether you’re a fan of a high school, college or professional football team, you’re no doubt excited about the upcoming season. One of our favorite things about football is the food – specifically tailgate parties! Here are some ideas for easy-to-serve fare for your next tailgate celebration. Be sure to bring along several bottles of your favorite wine to toast your team!

Seven-layer dip gets personal: Seven-layer dip is classic tailgate fare, but serving a large crowd a single, enormous dip can get kind of messy. Instead, try preparing mini versions of the layered dip in separate shallow plastic bowls (with lids) so that everyone has his own portion to tackle. The ingredients are still the same – refried beans topped with shredded cheese, chopped jalapenos, guacamole, chopped tomatoes, seasoned sour cream and sliced black olives – but the portions are smaller and easier to tackle. Readily available reusable lidded plastic storage bowls are great for serving.

Cheer-worthy sandwich: Sandwiches are a tailgate staple, but this recipe from Guy Fieri takes it up a notch! Meat from a cooked rotisserie chicken is mixed with tequila, onions, peppers, cilantro, lime and other flavorings and tucked into a foil pouch, ready to be refrigerated before heating on the grill at your tailgate party. Spoon the hot chicken mixture onto soft, crusty rolls for a tasty sandwich that will have the crowd cheering!

Finger-licking desserts: No tailgate party is complete without a selection of bite-sized desserts. Homemade – or top quality store-bought – cookies are a great option. So are skewered cubes of fresh fruit. But our favorite tailgate treat is a classic brownie. Here’s tasty version from Hershey’s Chocolate. Feel free to embellish it with your favorite add-ins like butterscotch chips, nuts, etc. Now that’s something to root for!

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