Meet Concannon Vineyard’s Topiary Master

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.25.56 AMWhen you visit Concannon Vineyard, you can count on three things: amazing wine, friendly hospitality and beautiful scenery. The latter is all thanks to Ernesto Hernandez, the lead groundskeeper, and his crew. For the past 30 years, Ernesto has dedicated his time and talents to keeping the Concannon Estate magnificently manicured and flourishing with fun accents.

Ernesto’s topiary designs are especially noteworthy and have even become a Concannon Vineyard signature over the years. From dinosaurs to hearts to happy couples that stand over 10 feet high, each whimsical figure is shaped, clipped and cleaned by hand, which is very impressive considering Ernesto has no formal topiary training.

The impressive topiaries take Ernesto and his crew only a few minutes monthly to maintain. They do, however, take some time to initially grow big enough to shape. One of the dinosaurs took about 4 years to grow out!

Cheers to Ernesto and his team for keeping Concannon Vineyard so attractive and imaginative!
Want to see Ernesto in action? Watch this Mercury News slideshow.
P.S. Which is your favorite topiary design?

Top photo credit: Cindi Christie, Mercury News.

Couple Dino DinoFlare DinoLawn Dragon Heart Hearts



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