Wine Club FAQs

Q: Is there a fee to enroll in the Gatekeepers Guild?
A: Joining the Gatekeeper’s Guild is free for all.

Q: Can I choose what goes into the Gatekeeper Release?
A: Our winemaking team chooses the best of the newest releases to go into the Gatekeeper Packs.

Q: Do you have a Red Wine Only Gatekeeper Release?
A: Yes. When you sign up, please specify if you would like a Classic Membership or a Reds Only Membership. The Classic Membership has 4 reds and 2 whites and the Reds Only Membership has 6 reds.

Q: When are the Gatekeeper Releases shipped to Members?
Gatekeeper Releases are shipped to members who have elected the shipment option, semi-annually in the Spring and Fall. If you have elected to pick-up your releases at the winery, they are held for 90-days before shipping charges are incurred. You may switch from having your wine shipped to pick-up (and vice versa) at any time. Please email or call 925-456-2505.

Q: Can I bring guests to the Gatekeeper Only Events?
A. The guest availability and/or limitations varies with each event. Contact us for details and click here to view a calendar of upcoming events.

Q: What discounts will I receive as a Gatekeeper member?
A: 30% case discount on Concannon wine, 20% bottle discount on Concannon wine, and 15% discount on tasting room merchandise. While dining at Underdog Wine Bar, members receive a 20% bottle discount on Concannon wine.

Q: How am I charged for shipping my Gatekeeper Release?
A: Just prior to the packs’ release date, your credit card on file will be charged. You will be notified by email and/or by UPS or FedEx with the tracking number of your package.

Q: Why is a signature required for delivery?
A: By law, we must ensure that only adults age 21 and older receive wine shipments.

Q: Can I cancel or suspend my membership?
A: You may cancel your membership provided notice is received at least 30-days prior to a scheduled shipment. All cancelation requests must be submitted in writing by one of the following options: filling out and signing the cancelation form in our tasting room, submitting an email to, or by contacting us here.

Q: Do you share my e-mail address with other parties?
A: No, we do not share your e-mail with other parties. We simply use your e-mail to communicate information regarding your club membership, invitation to events and exclusive sales.

Q: Can I give a Gatekeeper Membership as a gift?
A: Yes, you can give a Gatekeeper Membership as a gift to those that are 21 years of age and older, and the gift recipient address must be in a state where direct shipping is legal.

Q: Do I need to be a Gatekeeper member to sign up for your Legacy Club?
A: Yes, you must first be a member of the Gatekeeper’s Guild to become a member of the Legacy Club, or you may sign up for both simultaneously.

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