Take a peek at our new website!

It’s been months in the making, and now our brand new website – www.concannonvineyard.com – has a fresh look! What makes this new site so great? Here’s a sampling of a few of the special features:

John’s Journey
John Concannon, the winery’s fourth generation vintner, travels the country year-round, visiting with winery fans, restaurants and chefs as he shares the story of Concannon Vineyard. Many of you follow John’s journeys on Facebook, and now there’s a special section on our website where he’ll share stories about all the interesting people he’s met on his travels, post photos of their meals and adventures and fill us all in on funny Concannon family stories, ancestral lore and time-honored traditions.

Our Legacy
Filled with family photos and interesting old documents, our Legacy section details how Concannon Vineyard has grown to become a state-of-the-art wine production facility while still staying true to its Irish-American roots. In addition to information about family members who founded the winery in 1883 and participated in its growth and success, you can also find copies of hand-written letters, citizenship documents and lots of other interesting memorabilia that’s been carefully protected by the Concannon family over the years.

Family Recipes
Every family has its cherished dishes, and the Concannons are no different. Now you can sample the same specialties that kept generations of Concannons and their lucky dinner guests happily fed! You’ll find recipes for traditional Irish dishes such as soda bread, lamb stew, colcannon and champ along with contemporary fare like poached salmon with creamy watercress sauce and Cabernet-braised kale. Delicious!

Concannon Website

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