Thanksgiving Wines

No Thanksgiving spread is complete without a bottle or two of wine, but there’s no one definitive Thanksgiving wine. Since each course of the meal offers so many different flavors, we suggest offering your guests an array of different wines to sample with different courses. Here are some of our favorites to include on the holiday dinner table:

Concannon Conservancy Crimson & Clover: Created by John Concannon as a tribute to his father, Jim, Crimson & Clover is a testament to the importance of family and the Concannon Irish heritage. A blend of three signature Livermore Valley varietals – lush Petite Sirah, bold Cabernet Sauvignon and spicy Zinfandel – it’s a food-friendly red table wine with notes of currant, clove and vanilla. Perfect for holiday dinners!

Concannon Selected Vineyards Pinot Noir: Pinor Noir is always a favorite at the dinner table because it’s a lighter, medium-bodied red wine that won’t overpower foods. This Pinot Noir is rich in both color and fragrance, with tantalizing aromas and flavors of raspberry and ripe strawberry. Nice with roasted turkey, ham and other holiday entrees.

Concannon Conservancy Chardonnay: No holiday meal is complete without a bottle of Chardonnay since it pairs so nicely with so many different dishes. This Chardonnay is a wonderfully expressive wine that is rich and creamy, yet refreshing on the plate. It offers aromas and flavors of apple and pear along with notes of butter, caramel, vanilla and oak.

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