The Past is Present at Concannon Vineyard

By John Concannon

This weekend, I came across some notes I had made to myself in years past regarding my family’s 129 years of environmental stewardship … which led to reflecting upon ideas surrounding present thoughts, that at Concannon Vineyard, “What’s New is Old, and What’s Old is New!”

More than ever, I believe the key to our future is found in our past. My Great Grandfather would not have used terms such as “Sustainability” and “Organic” with the same meaning communicated today; however, through intense study and dedication, he managed Concannon Vineyard with complete respect for the land using many agricultural techniques currently acknowledged as most beneficial to the environment.

Those practices and values have been carried forward by Four Generations, with Concannon again leading the way by becoming the First to place our vineyard in the Tri-Valley Conservancy Land Trust. This highly significant Conservation Trust forever protects precious Livermore Valley vineyard and farm land from urban development, thus preserving it for future generations.

For Concannon Vineyard, Conservancy means preserving a way of life… our family, our heritage, our winemaking techniques, and most importantly, our land. As a result, we are committed to employing the very best Sustainable Farming and Socially Responsible practices available…

As one of the First to receive Certification from the California Sustainable Winegrowing program, Concannon Vineyard has achieved many exciting results:

• There is more LIFE in our soil… We tasted wines made before and after our sustainable farming was introduced, and I was absolutely blown away by the comparison!!! The wines now are even more alive with flavor—cleaner, purer, and more intensely distinctive—simply put, the wines, vines and soil have more energy!

• In 2011, Concannon Vineyard proudly became Certified Organic, with California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certification.

• All products used for vine health are totally natural and safe … You can eat the grapes right off the vine!

• After completing a 10-year, $30 million revitalization across vineyards, winery and operations, Concannon Vineyard introduced in 2010, our new tier of Conservancy Wines to recognize and celebrate our Conservation Trust for responsible environmental protection.

This Earth Month, I especially invite you to enjoy our Conservancy Wines and taste the difference sustainable practices, along with outstanding winemaking, provides——The video below will tell you more about the meaning of Conservancy and these absolutely delicious and flavorful wines—Cheers To That!!!

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