Somminar: Cabernet & Comfort Food

Event Date: Tuesday, May 15th & Saturday, May 26th

Comfort food makes no demands. You don’t eat it to feel smarter and more sophisticated. Wine for comfort food
should, like the food itself, make no demands. It should be easygoing and unfussy and it shouldn’t take itself too
seriously. LeeAnn will show you how to switch off your brain and turn on those taste buds. This weird and wonderful
Somminar stays focused on taste—nothing more or less.

Available Tuesday, May 15th & Saturday, May 26th | 12:30 & 2:00 |$20.00 per person

For tickets for Tuesday, May 15th: Purchase your tickets HERE.
For tickets for Saturday, May 26th: Purchase your tickets HERE.

A glass of featured wine
A small bite
Special discounts

Each Somminar is 30-45 minutes.
Available with or without advance reservations. For adults 21 and older. No pets, infants or guests under 21.

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