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John Concannon

Honoring Our Past With A New Collection

The name Concannon, translated from ancient Gaelic means “wisdom without compromise,” and it’s fitting for our family—especially as it relates to our wines. Since 1883, Concannon Vineyard has been a trailblazer in the industry, pushing through hard times with grit and determination, and pushing the boundaries with our unconventional ways.

The Concannon story began when James Concannon immigrated to America over 130 years ago, and established the first successful winery founded by an Irish immigrant. In generations that followed, the Concannon family contributed significantly to winemaking history, establishing itself as one of the founding families of the California wine industry, with notable achievements such as “America’s First Petite Sirah” and the renowned Concannon Cabernet Clones 7, 8 and 11—established by Jim Concannon in collaboration with UC Davis using heat-resistant cuttings from the original family vines.

Honoring our past

After several viruses nearly devastated the California wine industry starting in the 1970s, mass plantings of these dynamic, virus-resistant Concannon Clones not only helped revive California’s premium wine growing regions, but also played a key role in helping California Cabernet Sauvignon achieve international recognition. And today, we are proud that an estimated 80% of California’s 88,000 acres of Cabernet is planted with our Concannon Clones.


As I look back on our history, I’m proud to formally introduce our new Concannon Vineyard Collection designed to honor our family’s history, and the legacy of my forefathers. Each wine has it’s own unique story and is carefully crafted to emphasize the fruit most characteristic of its region, with complex aromas and layers of rich flavor that are refined, full-bodied and well-balanced—and exceptional value for the price.

Check out each varietal in our store and try a taste of history. Each bottle has come from a place of tradition, but our wines will never be conventional—and you’ll taste it in every sip.

John Concannon
John Concannon
Fourth Generation Vintner

John Concannon
May 1, 2019
Concannon VineyardConcannon Vineyard, Livermore, CA


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